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CryptoTab Review: How Can You Earn Profit with Cryptotab Browser?

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CryptoTab Review: How Can You Earn Profit with Cryptotab Browser? by Rayner77(m): Mon 22, February, 2021 12:17am


CryptoTab Review: How Can You Earn Profit with Cryptotab Browser?
CryptoTab Review
This review is about CryptoTab Browser : A Free internet browser that is functional to mine bitcoin with normal CPU power.

You must be doubtful of this earning Idea, How can a CPU mine Bitcoins without an ASIC? Actually the mining browser mines a very fractional amount of bitcoins, that is in Satoshi. It is also a lightweight browser that doesn’t consume access to electricity or harm your computer performance.

What is a crypto tab?
Crypto tab browser is a Chrome-like browser that Supports surfing, installing extensions, synching accounts, and managing history. The browser is functional to mine bitcoins while you run(use) it and hence get rewarded with the mined bitcoins.

How to install CryptoTab?
Crypto tab browser is available on the website https://cryptotabbrowser.com/landing/65/15326945.

Step 1-
Download the installation file./APK


Note; Your getting 2x speed of mining for free for using this sponsored link 👆

Step 2-
If prompted, click Run or Save./Install

Step 3-
Start CryptoTab Browser.

Step 5-
Login with your Google account and you also can import all the settings like bookmarks, favourites, history and saved passwords.

How to set the crypto tab browser as the default browser?
Step 1- On your computer/Phone, click the start menu
Step 2- Click Settings
Step 3- Click Default Apps , Creators Update: Click Default Apps
Step 4- At the bottom, under “Web Browser”, click your current browser
Step 5- In the ‘Choose an app’ window, click Crypto Tab Browser

Crypto Tab Mining
To start mining, first, you need to set up your mining account.

→ Find the crypto Tab icon on the toolbar and click on it

→ Find settings in the right drop-down menu

→ Link your crypto tab account to any of your social network accounts Gmail/Email.

Note: Link at least one social network account as a backup to your crypto tab account incase of a system crash or if reinstallation is required.

Crypto tab will start the mining when the browser is open(surfing), no commands or authentication is required. Read the simple mining terms carefully to avoid violating any of them, because if terminated your account can never be recovered.

Crypto tab Withdrawal and Payments
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.00001 BTC. Crypotab mines BTC and Pays in BTC, Make sure you add your BTC Address to the account for a hassle-free withdrawal process.

To withdraw Bitcoins from your crypto tab account

Step 1:- Find the Crypto Tab icon on the toolbar.
Step 2;- Click on the Menu (three horizontal lines) and click on ‘Withdraw’.
Step 3:- Enter the Bitcoin wallet address and the amount of BTC you want to withdraw.

CryptoTab Features
The website advertises all of the following features:

Extensions: The platform supports Chrome extensions, allowing you to add all of the extensions such as, including an ad blocker, security tools, performance-boosting tools, themes, and more.

Mine Bitcoins: The website claims to constantly mine cryptocurrency through your browser, which means you’re automatically mining whenever you have browser tabs open. However, the mining speed is higher when the browser window is active.

Multi-Browser Support: CryptoTab is available as a free standalone download, but it allows data importing from Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari.

Invite Friends: CryptoTab offers referral awards. You can earn more money by referring friends which gives you 15% of their mining. Moreover, it has a 10 level referral network.

Payouts: You can withdraw your earnings any time directly to a BTC wallet, although there is a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.00001 BTC.

Crypto Tab Affiliate/ Referral Program
Not only the mining revenue, but CryptoTab also offers a 10 level referral program that can increase your mining revenue to more.

All you need to do is, refer to your contacts through your personal link available on the crypto tab browser. You and your referral will get rewarded when your referral will use your link and install a crypto tab browser.
The amount of money earned depends on the number of referrals bought and how often you share your personal link on social networks.

The referral programs include up to 10 levels of friends. Below is given commission lists.

Is Crypto Tab legit or Scam ?
It’s quite natural that, when cryptos are not treated so friendly in many parts of the world, the deals which involve cryptos are always doubted with their intentions. Crypto tab too was asked by many,-’ Is it a Ponzi scheme?’

As the crypto tab does not charge any amount to register. It’s 100% free of charge with no upgrades available and also getting 2x mining speed for free in the link at the end of the article, that's double earning. As long as your browser works, it generates some income for you.

So earning money through Crypto Tab Browser is definitely not a scam, but a passive source of income which usually requires a little more time. On the other hand, it’s a better option to earn by referring to your contacts.

Concluding Thought
Crypto Tab browser could be proven a good source of income for the crypto lovers and followers. The real potential of Crypto Browser is for those who can recruit others. The more friends on social networking, the more chance of income.

Does it really sound interesting, I would recommend trying it out once.

Installation Link


Note; Your getting 2x speed of mining for free for using this sponsored link 👆

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