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Buy, Keep and Invest in Tron TRX coin, All you need to know

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Buy, Keep and Invest in Tron TRX coin, All you need to know by SirBee(m): Tue 11, August, 2020 10:07am


Good day to you.

I will be talking about Tron TRX crypto currency today. For those in Nigeria, and want to get tron TRX coin, it is around 12-25 naira per TRX coin which means that TRX is very very cheap as at the time I am writing this. In near future, 1 TRX can be 1$ or 100, 500, 1000 Naira etc.

The CEO of Tron TRX coin is Justin Sun, and he has remained consistent and putting effort in making Tex and other coins like BTT thrive.

What is TRON TRX

Tron is a Cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin etc) built under Tron Erc20 wallet for fast and easier Crypto transactions.

The short code for Tron is TRX.
It's valuable on CRYPTOCURRENCY MARKET EXCHANGE at $0.023 and has been trading for a very long time.

Trx is a potential and future coin.
It can rise from its current values to as high as $1 at anytime because of its fast in transactions and mass adoptions. Inclusive large use cases...

This is just the brief description of TRON TOKEN(COIN)...

How to get more Tron TRX Coin
I will be introducing to you a good platform where you can invest your TRX coin and get profits everyday, welcome to Bank Of Tron

What is "BANK OF TRON"

Bank of Tron is a smart contract built on Tron blockchain network to carry out smooth and transparent business transactions by helping the community to earn and accumulate more TRON(TRX) by means of investments and earning profits on their investments as ROI(return on investment).

This powerful system called "BANK OF TRON" has been blessing many people since April 2019.

*BANK OF TRON* is a smart contract build on Tron blockchain design to run on it's own automatically for life unless people stops using it. It cannot be altered or edited by anyone therefore your investment is as safe as the money in your bank account which will not go into bankruptcy unless everyone withdraw their money from it.

Bank of tron is designed to pay everybody that invest with them a well deserved reward. I mean everybody.

Been in existence since 2019 and paying none stop since April 2019.

*They have different plans.*
3.7% daily for life
4.7% daily for 45days=211%
5.7% daily for 25days=140%
6.7% daily for 18days=120%

Minimum investment is just 10trx
1Trx = $0.0199
100Trx =$1.999

The smallest investment plan on smart contracts...
No limitations...
No maximum investment...
Daily withdrawal has no limits, you can withdraw 1000x a day
The transaction speed is second to none... 😁

No referral required to earn, but if u desire to refer my dear, you are on ur way to financial freedom...
*5% on level 1*
*2% on level 2*
*0.5% on all ur generation no ending*

Tron is one of the biggest coin in crypto world with about $600m+ daily volume.
It means u can sell even 10m trx without shaking the market that's what I love about the business
And tron does not easily pump or dump like other coins
So this is the best opportunity to accumulate TRX for bull run.🤔🤔🤔


📌Download tron wallet from playstore
/ for pc add tron extension to chrome (tronwallet.me)

📌Deposit the amount of TRON you want to invest.

You may also send eth or btc to your Tron, eth or btc wallet address, and convert it to Tron (Trx)

📌You can also buy from exchange with any other Cryptocurrency

📌copy and paste this link


into your Tron Dapps browser.

If you have any issues, drop comments or contact me via WhatsApp: WhatsApp

Crypto is the easy way to increase your income.

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RE: Buy, Keep and Invest in Tron TRX coin, All you need to know by Odeke25(m): Tue 11, August, 2020 11:26am
That's nice, I would love to invest

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RE: Buy, Keep and Invest in Tron TRX coin, All you need to know by Fcgold(m): Thu 20, August, 2020 11:54pm
Hello, are you aware of the new empowerment program that pays double of what you invest in less than 45 minutes to one hour,
20k to earn 40k
40k to earn 80k
50k to earn 100k, for starter's

call 08139749533 , registration link below click for registration https://www.cognitoforms.com/FCGOLDDAILYINCOME/fcgoldbtctrade

Investment Nigeria
RE: Buy, Keep and Invest in Tron TRX coin, All you need to know by 23114061981(m): Wed 09, September, 2020 10:20p

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Buy, Keep And Invest In Tron Trx Coin, All You Need To Know

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