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Guy killed himself over false accusation over RAPE, details...

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Guy killed himself over false accusation over RAPE, details... by SirBee(m): Tue 28, July, 2020 09:05am


A Twitter user, Tenacity, has shared a video of Izuchukwu Madubueze reading his suicide note before committing suicide over false rape accusations as 'RIP Izu' trends.

Izuchukwu Madubueze, a Nigerian entrepreneur, shot himself dead in Florida over an allegation of sexual assault, US police said.

Sharing the videos of Izu reading his suicide note, Tenacity wrote:


There's a video from Izu Madubueze with his last words. To those of you who said everything was a lie, shame on you. To those of you who fabricated stories here, shame on you. Many people have mental health challenges. It only takes one thing to tip them over the edge.

“I wasn’t ever given a fair chance to clear my name or explain my side of the story or verify whether any of the allegations against me were true or not” - Izu

“...this whole situation reiterates why I don’t need to be here …. I still maintain that I don’t know how or the person who said I sexually harassed her....” - Izu

“....to the girls who posted the list, thank you for posting the list. …I can’t shoot the massager. You denied me the opportunity to clear my name…” - Izu

“....understand what a safe place is first before you claim to create it… to everyone who reached out and tried to hear my side of the story, to everyone who supported me, thank you – it wasn’t in vain, I just don’t have much to live for” - Izu 4/ end.

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Guy Killed Himself Over False Accusation Over Rape, Details...

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