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How can I get my Baby back?

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How can I get my Baby back? by Drizzy(m): Wed 01, July, 2020 07:56am


Hear my story. I am Igala by tribe. When I was in the village this thing happen more than 12 years ago.

A lady I was dating then got pregnant and she told me about it, then i asked her what's the next step, she told me that she will abort the baby. One month later, another story that she will not give me the baby because my mother doesn't like her.

Before she gave birth to the baby, I traveled to town and got work in one of the federal universities. I spent two years without going back to the village. The last time i traveled to village, i noticed that she is married to another man with two children o. I asked her of my baby, she told me to divorce my wife and marry her before she can give my baby or if i try any thing funy she is going to charm me.

I told my uncle about it, he told me to forget about the baby that God has already given me a good wife and three children.

This whole thing is giving me sleepless night. I can't sleep. I am always thinking of my baby and my wife is noticing some changes in me.

Please what will i do? Should i take legal action on her? pls advice me ooooo. The woman is my first love, i will continue to love her till i die. She is the only woman i ever loved, even more than my wife. I love this woman but she cost me pain

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RE: How can I get my Baby back? by Lilybae2(f): Wed 01, July, 2020 09:21am
You are married already just take case to court if u want

RE: How can I get my Baby back? by Iambams(m): Wed 01, July, 2020 12:35pm
Go to court

RE: How can I get my Baby back? by Ricchy(m): Wed 01, July, 2020 01:56pm
To me I think it's best to leave the baby for her

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How Can I Get My Baby Back?

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