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It Is About Microchips' – Chris Oyakhilome On Black Lives Matter Protests

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It Is About Microchips' – Chris Oyakhilome On Black Lives Matter Protests by Onamic(m): Sun 28, June, 2020 01:39pm

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy Church has come out with a shocking allegation regarding the current protests which have rocked the world in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd by police officers in USA.

Oyakhilome, who was in the news recently for falsely claiming the installation of 5G technology was connected to the coronavirus outbreak, stated that the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests in USA were not about racism but a subtle ploy to implant “microchips” into citizens as a means of controlling them.

“It’s not about the guy that died; it’s not about ‘Black Lives Matter’,” Oyakhilome said in a program broadcast on LoveWorld titled ‘Global Day Of Prayer’.

“It’s part of the game. They want to come in with the alternative method for security – total control with microchips. That’s what it’s about,” he claimed, adding that police would be ‘disbanded’ and everyone would be forced to have a ‘microchip’ implanted into them.

“Look at the people rampaging on the streets – they are not black people… It is not about racism,” he asserted without any corroborating evidence.

Oyakhilome made several other disturbing allegations, insisting that the guidelines given by the government to reopen the church were not guided by science but rather an attack on the church.

“Wearing facemasks is dangerous for your health. How can we know this and prescribe it? I have told you of the dangers of social distancing. It’s inhuman… There is no science behind it,” he stated in the broadcast.

Oyakhilome described the ‘lockdown’ as illegal and said it was actually citizens getting ‘locked up’.

“The lockdown was wrong and, in most instances, illegal,” he continued. “The truth of the matter is around the world, we were imprisoned… It was house imprisonment.”

“This fraud must be judged by God,” the controversial pastor continued, claiming that many pastors were actually getting paid to advocate for the closure of churches to the governments.

“Go ahead. Build the concentration camps and call them isolation centres. Pay for them or get paid – because now you have a contract,” he said, warning that no Christian pastor should “profit” from the situation.

Pastor Chris further insisted that 'virtual prayer' could not replace physical laying on of hands, reiterating his recent statement that pastors should not be restricted from 'laying hands' on congregants when services resume.

Oyakhilome’s rhetoric in the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak has become increasingly divisive and erratic, with many labelling him a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

The broadcast in which he made the allegations on Friday 26th June 2020 has since been removed from Oyakhilome's YouTube channel although other versions of it can still be viewed online.

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RE: It Is About Microchips' – Chris Oyakhilome On Black Lives Matter Protests by Awolowo1(m): Sun 28, June, 2020 02:31pm
Words are like Eggs

God is Good.
RE: It Is About Microchips' – Chris Oyakhilome On Black Lives Matter Protests by Tmond(m): Sun 28, June, 2020 04:15pm
Thanks for the post

Based on Believe B.O.B
RE: It Is About Microchips' – Chris Oyakhilome On Black Lives Matter Protests by Faviii12345(f): Sun 28, June, 2020 04:28pm
thanks for the news

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It Is About Microchips' – Chris Oyakhilome On Black Lives Matter Protests

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