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4 Advantages of Reading Books

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4 Advantages of Reading Books by SirBee(m): Fri 26, June, 2020 05:29pm


Being exceptional is a conscious decision you have to make and continuously follow-up with. The world is already full with average people, average experiences, and average achievements. You can choose to be exceptional.

One of the habit of exceptional people is Reading books or put in another way(Learning and Researching). In the below, I will be highlighting 3 advantages of Reading Books.

Advantages of Reading Books

1. Learning from Others
When you cultivate the habit of reading books, you easily learn from the experience of others without personally learning the hardway. Average people want to learn the hard way, but exceptional people want to learn from experiences of others. Have you read "48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene, Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy" etc.

2. Expand your Capacity
Reading Books increase your capacity. You cannot just trust only your environment, culture, environment etc. You can learn from other people, environment, thinking, imaginations. Like I said in another post, Education simply means Better ways of doing things. I believe you want to always want to seek better way of doing things, and you will surely get that when you read books.

3. Knowledgeable (Knowledge is Power)
If you are not informed you are deformed. There is a difference between someone that knows about a matter and another that do not know about the matter. That is why some go to learn to become Medical Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer as this gives them Leverage in Life. A knowledge driven society is better than any other society.

4. Improve your Thought process, Communication and Writing Skills
If you want to improve your Thinking, speaking and writing skills, then, develop the habit of reading books. The improvement comes consciously and unconsciously. You will just notice you are speaking better than you used to, just by developing the habit of reading books.

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RE: 4 Advantages of Reading Books by Danoluwaseyi(m): Fri 26, June, 2020 06:43pm

I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me
RE: 4 Advantages of Reading Books by Femifezzy(m): Fri 26, June, 2020 07:05pm
thanks for the information

RE: 4 Advantages of Reading Books by Joshabim(m): Fri 26, June, 2020 07:30pm
Thanks for the information

I'm always interested to work
RE: 4 Advantages of Reading Books by Princelucky12(m): Fri 26, June, 2020 07:51pm

RE: 4 Advantages of Reading Books by Joshabim(m): Fri 26, June, 2020 08:28pm
Thanks for the information

I'm always interested to work
RE: 4 Advantages of Reading Books by Perseverance(m): Fri 26, June, 2020 09:24pm

RE: 4 Advantages of Reading Books by Joshuahassan(m): Sat 27, June, 2020 03:39pm

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